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Make Your Own T-Rex


Make Your Own T-Rex

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Title: Make Your Own T-Rex
Author: DK
Publication date: 28/05/2024
Price: $38.00
Publishing status: Active

Build your own dinosaur and discover what made T. rex the terror of its time

A cool kit for every dinosaur fan, combining learning with fun to make a T. rex model.

Based on a real T. rex skeleton, this 70-cm-long model is easy to put together, and the book is jam-packed with facts. Each page looks at a different part of the mighty T.rex as you piece it together, building your dinosaur know-how along the way.

Starting with the base, step-by-step photographic instructions clearly show how each stage of the model slots together. At the same time, you learn about the Cretaceous world, fossils, and palaeontology. Moving onto the legs and feet, discover facts about claws, muscles, the tail, and stance. As you continue to build the model, you’ll also learn about dinosaur behaviour, speed, teeth, diet, fearsome hunting techniques, raising young, and defence.

ISBN: 9780241658956
Pages: 32