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Olive, Mabel & Me


Olive, Mabel & Me

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Title: Olive, Mabel & Me
Publication date: 31/08/2021
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Having reached over 50 million views online, Labradors Olive and Mabel became the focus of a delightful book by sports commentator Andrew Cotter. A treat for dog lovers everywhere, and the perfect antidote to our times, now available in a smaller format.

When Andrew Cotter turned his brilliant sports commentary skills from Wimbledon, the Olympics and the US Masters to lockdown contests and life online involving his two Labradors, Olive and Mabel, the result was an internet sensation. The series of videos has been viewed well over fifty million times on social media, giving comfort to locked-down dog owners and spectacle-deprived sports fans all over the world.

In Olive, Mabel & Me, Andrew tells the truth about his two canine celebrities. This is the full story of their rise to stardom, revealing more about how all three of them find peace and happiness away from the hectic world of the media, most often in the mountains. And also just how much Olive dislikes the cat next door.

Above all, though, this is a book about the love we all have for our dogs, the companionship and pure joy we get from sharing our lives with them. And the love and affection they give back to us, which is in no way related to us providing a near-constant supply of food and walks. Beautifully written, touching and laugh-out-loud funny, Olive, Mabel & Me is a treat for dog lovers everywhere.

ISBN: 9781922458216
Pages: 256