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Sticker Encyclopedia Trucks


Sticker Encyclopedia Trucks

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Title: Sticker Encyclopedia Trucks
Author: DK
Publication date: 19/07/2022
Price: $17.00
Publishing status: Active

Featuring more than 600 stickers, this bumper encyclopedia will tell you everything you need to know about the best ever trucks!

A fantastic selection of facts and, of course, lots and lots of stickers, to keep children entertained for hours.

Did you know there are trucks that can go in the water, trucks big enough to transport space shuttles, and even jet-powered trucks? In this exciting, fact-filled and interactive encyclopedia, children will learn all about these extreme machines around the world, as well as the trucks they see everyday on the road or at construction sites.

From bulldozers and diggers to monster trucks and driverless vehicles, children will love discovering the details of what these vehicles do, finding the right truck stickers to complete every page, and even creating their own stories with the scenery pages in the back of the book.

With more than 600 stickers, and 90 amazing trucks, children will have plenty of machines to choose to use in the book and to stick elsewhere, too.

ISBN: 9780241538692
Pages: 72